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Whether your local business is retail or service based, we have plans and strategies to help propel your business beyond your competition. We specialize in helping local businesses acquire clients at rates that deliver tremendous ROI. 

We believe in only working with businesses that deliver exceptional service and value to customers. But if your customers can't find you, or worse, don't even know you exist, you can't serve them.

That's where we come in. Connecting local businesses with local customers. 
About M&M
M&M Digital Marketing was founded with one core mission... to provide local businesses with highly effective ad management that doesn't require selling a kidney or your first born. We focus primarily on Facebook ads as no other platform currently provides the data, audience, and value that Facebook does.
We Get Results. Period.
Marketing is all about numbers. Sales vs spend. That's why everything we do is judged on performance. How many customers did we acquire? How much did each acquisition cost? What was each customer's value?

All our clients work with us because we deliver the results they need with top notch service. It's that simple. 
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What Makes M&M Awesome?
Funnel Design
Custom funnels and landing pages not only increase conversion rates of ads, but can also increase average customer value as well. An extremely valuable service to put more dollars in your pocket!
We specialize in Facebook ad campaigns for local businesses. There's no templates with us, each ad is specifically designed from the ground up to serve your exact needs and goals. 
We know that no one cares about your budget as much as you do. But we'd like to think that we are a close second. Every service we provide is designed with ROI and your budget as priority.
Our strategies and services are built on a month to month approach. With us, you're never locked into a long term contract. (But we know you'll want to stay)
Our distinctive a-la-carte model model allows you to choose only the services you need, and none of the ones you don't. Hungry for more?
No Long-Term Contracts
We don't believe in trapping customers in a long term contract. We prefer to let our results speak for themselves. 
Cheaper Than Hiring In-House
Your business isn't amateur hour. Hire a team of experts experienced in kicking ass, taking names, and growing brands.
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